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Plant based whole food supplement for dogs

What is Flourish

Flourish for Raw Food Diets is a raw food supplement for dogs made from a comprehensive blend of nutrient rich ingredients such as seeds, nuts, wheatgrass and kelp. It is carefully formulated to help achieve a balanced diet for your dog by addressing common nutrient deficiencies in home prepared raw meals.

Why use Flourish

Adding Flourish to your dog’s homemade meal is a simple, healthy way to help your dog achieve optimal nutrition. Flourish contains micronutrients that may be lacking in your dog’s raw diet, such as selenium, manganese, calcium and iodine. Use our suggested recipes for a balanced diet or add to your own meals for a big nutrient boost!

Flourish Raw

Raw Food Diets

Raw feeding has gained increasing popularity in the dog community, with many owners choosing to feed their dogs a primarily raw meat diet. However, without careful supplementation these diets can often fall short of providing essential nutrients to your dog.

With natural plant-based ingredients including seeds, nuts, wheatgrass and mushrooms, Flourish for Raw Food Diets targets the common deficiencies in home prepared meals and utilises the power of plants to provide your dog with zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and essential vitamins.

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Key Nutrients

Flourish Raw Nutritional Panel

20g Serving Size:

  • Energy | 99.46 cal
  • Protein | 3.47g
  • Fat total | 8.05g
  • Fat saturated | 1.33g
  • Carbohydrates total | 4.83g
  • Sugar | 0.30g
  • Sodium | 3.44mg

100g Serving Size:

  • Energy | 497.46 cal
  • Protein | 17.34g
  • Fat total | 40.25g
  • Fat saturated | 6.63g
  • Carbohydrates total | 24.15g
  • Sugar | 1.49g
  • Sodium | 17.21mg

*values calculated from a nutritional database. Values are approximate and there may be seasonal variation in ingredient values. We recommend using Flourish with our suggested recipe for optimal nutrition.

Raw meat based recipe

This recipe is based on a 20kg dog.


  • 425g lean protein with 1 tablespoon olive oil OR 425g moderate fat protein (like 80/20 beef)
  • 200g cooked pumpkin 
  • 100g raw spinach 
  • 1/2 boiled egg
  • 20g Flourish Raw Food supplement


Cool cooked pumpkin and boiled egg to room temperature. Mix meat protein, pumpkin, spinach, boiled egg and Flourish for Raw Food diets thoroughly before serving.

This recipe provides all of your dog’s nutritional requirements for an entire day. If you feed your dog morning and night, you should feed half of this recipe in the morning, and half at night. Alternatively, you may choose to feed a commercially prepared food for one meal a day and half of this recipe for the other meal. Please scale this meal according to your dog's weight.

Nutritional Data

Energy - 648.5kcal | Protein - 97.3g | Calcium - 746.6mg | Iron - 13.3mg | Magnesium - 241.2mg | Phosphorus - 993.2mg | Potassium - 2580.2mg | Sodium - 633.1mg | Zinc - 23.2mg | Copper - 1mg | Manganese - 8.2mg | Selenium - 67.4µg | Iodine - 140ug | Thiamin - 1mg | Riboflavin - 13.9mg | Niacin - 25.6mg | Pantothenic acid - 4.6mg | Pyridoxine - 3.1mg | Folic acid - 221.8µg | B12 - 6ug | Vitamin A, RAE - 1085.7µg | Vitamin A, IU - 9453.5IU | Vitamin E - 20mg | Vitamin D3 - 3.1µg | Vitamin K - 486.6µg | Tryptophan - 1g | Threonine - 3.5g | Isoleucine - 4g | Leucine - 7.2g | Lysine - 7.4g | Methionine + Cystine - 3.1g | Phenylalanine + Tyrosine - 3.8g | Valine - 4.3g | Arginine - 6.5g | Histidine - 3.4g

*values excludes boiled egg. Values calculated from a nutritional database to meet NRC standards. Values are approximate and there may be seasonal variation in ingredient values.
Formulated by dog nutrition and wellbeing experts at

When used in conjunction with our suggested recipe, Flourish is designed to provide a balanced diet for your dog. However, all dogs are different and some may have different nutritional needs and requirements. As such, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian before beginning a new food routine. Always maintain regular checkups with your vet.

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